Per Os and addminitrations

Pharmaceuticals development involving drug discovery, chemical/ biological molecule development and formulation development are all aided by our inhouse set and collaborators both at the analitycal level and at the in vitro model set up and evaluation level. Following the first steps of lead compound selection in vitro aided by our main collaborator Da-Ta Biotech LTD, all other steps on in vivo in large animal models are performed at BIOTECH FARM LTD.

Testing pharmaceuticals in large animals models are many times required as second to the rodent model and often are inevitable as the biological process of the drug in a rodent model differs significantly from that of the human. Many times serum proteases and metabolism in swine is more appropriate for drug evaluation due to higher resemblance. Those parameters are readily evaluated using ADME-TOX methods of evaluation. Our Scientific team can help in consulting in that regard.

Pharmaceuticals are being tested at BIOTECH FARM LTD for the evaluation of PK/ PD, tissue content, efficacy, delivery and safety. Formulations are being tested for fine tuning using the same dose s and administration modes as expected to be used in human that are many time the next step in the developmental process.

Our Large animal facility at BIOTECH FARM LTD actually managed as a Hospital is readily the last evaluation step in animals before proceeding with a drug developed to clinical trials in humans.