Our animal models

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BIOTECH FARM is experienced in providing the setups, tools and models for many R&D aspects required for medical devices and pharmaceuticals development. A good animal model enables the research by its similarity to the clinical/ phisiological display and parameters and its resemblance to the human mechanism/ system. A large animal model that is required sometimes as an additional species and many times as the only large enough in vivo model compatible for the device (e.g. stent, stoma) developed, should be at the best fit and handling status. A healthy animal that is at ease and not stressed, an animal that fills safe and happy, is collaborating and its physiological parameters an “in-trial” handling have a great influence on the quality of results. At BIOTECH FARM LTD, our team is primarily trained for keeping the wellbeing and good relationships with the animals. We get close and acquainted. The animals get attention, love and care. We do not get restricted as we get love back. It is important for us.
BIOTECH FARM is commited to the ethics of animal use and husbandry. BIOTECH FARM is a qualified and authoriesed institute being regularly inspected by the governmental authoritis as indicated by law. We provide our costomers with the knowledge required for the setup of the trails based on the Reduction, Refinement and Replacement approaches. Our collaboration with Da-Ta Biotech LTD is aimed for that purpose. When possible or required we suggest the replacement in vitro model or the reduction approach that might give the required result. All trials performed are primarily approved by the ethical committee of the ministry of health.

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