OUR Facility 

our values:

  • Animal well-fare and Ethical performance
  • Transparency in collaboration
  • well documented procedures
  • Back to herd activity
  • RRR – Replacement | Reduction | Refining

Our Office Location

BIOTECH FARM is situated so that both roads 6 (north – south) and 431(east – west) are at her door. Very close to Rehovot and the ISRAELI Airport. Moreover all of our team lives 5 – 20 minutes driving distance close to the facility. Being so available both for our clients and sponsors and for the animal house is a very important part of our values.

Our Platform

Surgery A

BIOTECH FARM has 2 separated surgery rooms each with a large space for your equipment and staff of surgeons, regulatory and R&D personnel and engineers. Our both surgery rooms are fully equipped and opened to private animal preparation room and surgeon's preparation room.

Surgery B

This second surgery room is large and fully equipped for cardiology, vascular, orthopedic, and laparoscopic and many other unique procedures that are routinely conducted at our facility.

Animal House

Our Large and comfortable animal house is divided so that it may accommodate separated and unique experiments that require special attention. The animals have large and wide cages for their maintenance along the whole period at the facility.

Client Support

Our client support involves both theadministrative and the logistical aspects ofthe project development sequence. We enable a direct communication with all of our team and facility management personnel throughout the project and relationship. BIOTECH FARM's team is available for discussion, setup, real time support, monitoring, documenting business development during the completedevelopmental sequence.

interactive comunication

Interactive communication is the basis of our client support and project management. At our conference room our clients get access to both the inner – net and the internet. Our closed circle TV enables around the clock monitoring of the animals and both our surgery rooms are equipped with the options for snapshots and video of all procedures in macro and of any measurement or endoscopy monitoring in micro. All of this information is offered to our clients and back upped by BIOTECH FARM Ltd.

Conference room

BIOTECH FARM's interactive conference room allows our clients an access to all media inside and outside of the facility. There is a watching window directly into the surgery room for staff members that can be outside of the surgical environment.



diagnosis and treatment


diagnosis and treatment