BIOTECH FARM LTD – A Large Animal Facility. A state of the art, well equipped, managed and scientifically supportive services provider. The facility’s professional crew is dedicated to advancing drugs and devices R&D for our Israeli BioMed and Biotech Industry. The intended R&D stages at BIOTECH FARM Ltd. are the pre-regulatory large animal studies as well as the GLP validation studies. 

BIOTECH FARM Ltd. was established by Adir Koreh and Rinat Borenshtain-Koreh following more than 30 years of experience in leading and managing research. The company works with large- and small-scale companies in Israel and abroad for the benefit of mankind and animals. READ MORE >


BIOTECH FARM LTD is perfectly suitable to accommodate large animals:


  • Developing pharmaceuticals for intra-venous and topical/ dermal applications including Ophthalmic, Intra-Ocular, Vaginal, Intra-Nasal, Intra-Cranial, Intra-Pulmonary or any other local site.
  • Inventing advanced Ophthalmology treatments, procedures, tools and approaches. The team’s skills are provided for developing and validating: local new drugs and entities, new delivery of treatments to the eye, mechanism of action research and intra ocular implants. These researches are aided with Microsurgery microscopy, OCT, SLIT LAMP, Tonometry for IOP and Laser procedures.
  • Setting models for Diabetes and other Metabolic diseases treatments and validating batch release tests such as biological assays and biomarkers.
  • Improving procedures for the treatment of blood, heart or circulation malfunction. The team’s skills and it’s collaboration with well-trained, senior surgeons, enable Preforming: Coronary angioplasty, valve replacement, coronary stenting, pericardial approach and more. Team’s performance is aided by state-of-the-art imaging tools (X-ray, C-arm with road map and advanced features, 3D ultra sound) and mainly well-known anatomical knowledge boosted with extreme motivation for success.
  • Originating new medical devices for aiding people following colon cancer surgeries, Stoma life quality improvement and transforming complicated abdominal surgeries into short or even robotics aided laparoscopic procedures.
  • Advancing Orthopedic medical device and bone regeneration with the aid of advanced machines such as C-Arm and O-Arm, special driller sets and expertise in bone grafting as well as bone, spine and oral implants.
  • Setting models for Wound healing at all levels employing extreme management for eliminating pain. Testing new Wound dressing and antibiotics including regeneration follow-up and counting CFU (colony forming units).
  • Testing Respiratory and lung disease treatments aided by team’s vast know-how in administration technics, bronchoscopy, imaging, lung collapsing and intercostal approach. 




Dr. Rinat Borenshtain - Koreh

DVM, PhD. Owner and Scientific manager at BIOTECH FARM LTD, Da-Ta Biotech LTD and Biotech Anatomy LTD.

Dr. Yael Grinberg - Shushlav

DVM, MBA is a senior veterinarian and Project manager at BIOTECH FARM LTD

Sarit Chen

Administrative Officer

Dr. Natalya Osidze

DVM is a Senior veterinarian

Dr. Roi Sender

DVM is Chief veterinarian and PI

Moshe Mor

Animal technician

Adir Biton

Animal technician

Sachar Swartz

Biotech Farm's animal assistant

Fanny Ben-Ezra

MSc Senior Laboratory manager

Ariel Pego

accounting manager