Drug Delivery Models and PK Determination

Large animals’ models are available for all administration modes both to an active animal and to an anesthetized animal if required. Per os administration to a pig was once thought to be not practical due to the pig’s special structure of the pylorus. Per os administration to pigs is unique to our facility and is based on BIOTECH FARM’s team skills.
Administration of an active ingredient that is meant to be delivered with a delayed release mechanism is also well practiced when required at BIOTECH FARM.
Sub cutaneous, intradermal, into the fat layer or into specified sites or markings are routinely practiced and mostly do not require any kind of anesthesia – come and see.
Prolonged slow administration by drip or by trans-cutaneous exposure are also available and well established. Our team is 24 hours available for maintaining and sampling as required for any of these studies.
Analytical, biological or histological end point are practically managed as an in house by our close and sustained collaborations with specialized laboratories for any of these downstream applications.

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