Biotech Farm LTD’s unique approach is based on our understandings of Your R&D team’s needs. Your scientific team that is responsible for the development can find a fully responsive team, in our facility that understands the needs as well as the aims of the procedure. Biotech Farm’ team collaboration is highly assisted by our understanding of the required pre-clinical processes you are going through.

Biotech Farm’s team is available for your special time request and suits it’s self for our clients need. Our unique approach comes from understanding the complex integration of any of the pre-clinical projects. There are special time frames relevant for any team partner such as the surgeon, Special advisor, investor or its representative ETC.

Would you like to operate on Friday?
Would you like to treat twice a day 7 days per week?
Would you like to be free to order in a short notice?
How about working in the evening?
Is there a need for single cage monitoring by video?
Do you need us? – Just call: Adir 052-8286950

Our unique approach also considers our herd welfare and health. Biotech Farm’s herd is a specific herd monitored for seven pathogens 4 times per year in regular and by a daily veterinarian in the herd. In the facility, animals are monitored daily by our team of technicians and veterinarians.

Following the approval of the ethic request and completion of the protocol, the project can be started. Animals are ordered and our technician in the herd chooses the appropriate study animals by weight, age and performance. If required, animals are confirmed by blood CBC and Biochemistry while kept in the herd facility.

Understanding your needs completely made us also collaborate with an in vitro laboratory that is actually a beta site for R&D. Da-Ta Biotech is available for any in vitro downstream application and analysis of your samples. It is possible to send samples for ELISA, cell viability and sorting (FACS), tissue reactivity and Inflammatory/ Glycemic or any biological markers Collaborating with a panel of complementary service providers we can assist in sending your sample for chemical analysis for compound tissue content  (HPLC, LC-MS), Histology (for Safety evaluation), pathological/ biochemical laboratory ETC. Samples are collected from our facility regularly and a certified report is issued by the service provider directly to your mail.