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BIOTECH FARM – Your Large Animal Facility. A state of the art, well equipped, managed and Scientifically supportive services provider with a proffesional crew for advancing drug and device R&D.
The intended R&D stages at BIOTECH FARM Ltd. are the pre-regulatory large animal studies as well as the GCP validation studies. BIOTECH FARM is intended to aid the drugs and device development at the pre-clinical stages for the benefit of Animals and Humans.

The Farm is perfectly suitable to accommodate large animals:

• Pigs
• Sheep
• Calves

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The most utilised models at BIOTECH FARM are intended for:

• Developing compounds for intra-venous and topical/ dermal application
• Diabetes treatment
• Malfunctions of blood, heart or circulation
• Medical device for aiding people following colon cancer surgeries
• Orthopedic medical device and bone regeneration
• Wound healing

BIOTECH FARM Ltd. was established by Adir Koreh following more than 7 years of experience in managing research laboratories. The company works with large and small scale companies in Israel and abroad for the benefit of mankind and animals.

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