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Colonoscopy in research
Colonoscopy is the use of a camera for the inspection of the colon. In the biotech industry colonoscopy is both used as an aid for the monitoring of the mucosal tissue of the colon following an experimental procedure or the application of a new drug or formulation.
At Biotech farm a professional colonoscope is available with a full HD LCD panel and color tones completely calibrated for use in conjunction with flexible endoscopes, surgical camera heads and laparoscopes. The availability of our professional in house and the advisory team may assist our clients in preceding the development. This is based both on the availability of a very skilled and dedicated MD doctors or professors and on having the possibility to get the opinion of a practical person if requested.
Colonoscopes are widely applicable at Biotech farm providing a very simple way for estimating the correct placement of an intraluminal medical device, the effect of the device or treatment on the mucosal layer of the colon and determining the correct length of monitoring period for safety measures.
Biotech farm holds a very useful and validated colon preparation protocol enabling the control of the degree of colon bowel preparation. The correct use of laxative was vastly investigated by our team. Medical device and pharmaceuticals developing companies such as startup or incubators are often required to have a special degree of colon preparation for validating their product safety. This modality is in full control by Biotech farm’s team

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