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Laparoscopy at Biotech farm
Laparoscopy is a modern way for performing specific surgical procedures in a minimally invasive modality. It involves the insertion of a suitable camera through a small opening in the abdominal wall that monitors the action of other laparoscopic devices in the same compartment.
Laparoscopic procedures are often used for observing the actual performance of newly developed medical devices from the inside. The development of more laparoscopic tools may enable many procedures that today require a complete surgery that is fully invasive and time/ money consuming. Both human and veterinary medicine tend to prefer laparoscopic procedures as the recovery is much shorter and the post-surgical complications are fairly reduced.
In regards to the applicability of laparoscopy in R&D, the capability to watch the actual performance of a tool in real time is very important. This capability is important both as a safety measure and for the better understanding of the system requirements. Better understanding makes the development process much more effective with a direct effect on the number of experiments required and time saved.

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