Our Facility

BIOTECH FARM LTD – A Large Animal Facility. 

BIOTECH FARM LTD is A state of the art, well equipped, managed and scientifically supportive services provider. The facility’s professional crew is dedicated to advancing drugs and devices R&D for our Israeli BioMed and Biotech Industry.

The intended R&D stages at BIOTECH FARM Ltd. are the pre-regulatory large animal studies as well as the GLP validation studies. 

BIOTECH FARM Ltd. was established by Adir Koreh and Rinat Borenshtain- Koreh following more than 25 years of experience in leading and managing research. The company works with large- and small-scale companies in Israel and abroad for the benefit of mankind and animals.

Facilitating Advanced Biotech Innovations: 

BIOTECH FARM LTD Comprehensively Supports Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices’ Development.

Situated adjacent to the Rehovot Science Park, BIOTECH FARM LTD stands as a pivotal hub nurturing the evolution of biotech research and development. Enabling R&D biotech companies the ease of managing the in vivo large animal stage projects achieved by:

Providing a state-of-the-art animal house and facility, 

Nurturing a skilled team professional in Veterinary, project management and technical support. 

Advancing together with our client’s Scientific personnel, Mechanical teams, Software providers, Quality assurance directors and management requirements.

Our Industrial, Institutional as well as Academic clients are involved in Biotech and Biomed projects including:

Drug development 

Drug delivery

Active compound and metabolite- tissue content, clearance and safety (both acute and long term). 

Our Medical device clients are from a vast aspect of fields like surgical tools, new technological approaches and new solutions to maladies of all kinds.

Surgical procedures at BIOTECH FARM are an identical scene to the one that takes place in a state-of-the-art hospital surgery room. Many of our clients are happy to be able to have their inventor surgeon performing the unique surgery as this is the actual time for concluding and improving the device. On these occasions our supportive team will enable the surgery, monitor anesthesia, record parameters and scenes to complete the collected knowledge for the project.

Biotech Farm is a Supplier of ex-vivo tissues for developmental stages. BIOTECH FARM is very interested in reducing the number of animals needed as this is our belief. A correct path for any development will allow our clients learning as much as possible on ex vivo models and arriving to the real required in vivo experiment when their chances of success are much higher with the first prototype. For that, BIOTECH FARM enables her clients by providing ex vivo samples when available. Ex vivo samples collected in Saline, PBS, prepared with or without adjective connective tissue, in formalin, cold, frozen delivered anywhere and can also be collected sterile for further stem cells on primary cells collection.

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