PIG – Large animal models for R&D

OUR models include: Drug delivery, pharmacokinetics, Metabolic diseases, Cardiology (Stents, Pacers, Valve replacement, Pericardial approach), Vascular (Catheterization), Ophthalmology (devices, intra-orbital implants, drug delivery), Orthopedics, Urinary tract procedures, Respiratory system, GI Procedures, robotic procedures, Imaging improvement methods and new model set up.

Our domestic pigs are well bred in a farm with private veterinary care and standard herd control – quarterly tested by the ministry of agriculture. Our herd is well dewormed and vaccinated with the best parameters of piglets’ growth and health.

OUR health declaration for the herd is:

Domestic pigs (Sus Scrofa domesticus) – Genus: Sus; Species: Scrofa; Subspecies: S.s domesticus.
The herd is vaccinated against:

  1. Mycoplasma and Circovirus, by: Porcilis 1; up to 3 weeks old
  2. Leptospira, by: Spirovac; Mothers following pregnancy
  3. FMD, by Merial, Aftopor; given to Males and Pregnant females up to 2 weeks before birth.
  4. The herd is screened every 3 months by the ministry of agriculture for:
    Salmonella, Leptospira, Micoplasma, Brucella, Influenza, CSFV and TGE

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