Rinat Borenshtain Koreh, DVM, PhD. Scientific manager

Rinat Borenshtain Koreh, DVM, PhD. Owner and Scientific manager at BIOTECH FARM LTD, Da-Ta Biotech LTD and Biotech Anatomy LTD.

Rinat Borenshtain-Koreh joins forces in full speed ahead together with her team and clients’ scientific teams. Together they choose the correct model for the research aim, get ethical comity approvement, set up and run the project. Based on more than 25 years of leading, setting up and validating biological models she assists in requirements’ definitions that are unique to each and every project in the field. 

Providing, enabling and advancing the scientific path for both academic and Industrial research targets, is Rinat’s main interest at work. As such, her clients become dear research partners.

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