Yael Greenberg Shushlav, DVM, MBA

Dr Greenberg-Shushlav, DVM, MBA is a senior veterinarian and Project manager at BIOTECH FARM LTD.

Animals welfare, health and ethical use are practiced under Dr Greenberg-Shushlav supervision.

Dr Greenberg Shushlav is a Professional Laboratory animals Veterinarian for more than 25 years. Performing surgery and Microsurgery, including cells, skin and heart Implantations. Yael is holding a Vast experience in swine models and experimental techniques including all kinds of endoscopy.

Yael Greenberg-Shushlav has an impressive background in veterinary medicine and project management, especially in the realm of laboratory animal welfare and health. Her extensive experience in surgery and microsurgery, particularly with surgical portfolio highlights a deep understanding of advanced veterinary procedures.

Yael’s specialization in swine models and expertise in various experimental techniques, such as endoscopy, suggests a broad skill set in research methodologies and animal care. It’s clear that Dr. Greenberg-Shushlav’s role at BIOTECH FARM LTD likely involves overseeing the ethical and proper use of animals in research while ensuring their welfare and health.

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