Primery cell line and stem cells

Providing Biological Products is the third main aspect and it is based on our concept of reducing the number of animals used. For that purpose we may supply tissues from slaughter house to companies for ex vivo experiments. For Ex vivo evaluation of a medical device or formulation sponsors may first use pieces of skin; either full width or processed, Specific Bones, Jaws or Joints. Many times we supply Spines and Skulls. We may provide internal organs, veins or arteries. Enabling the availability of these organs helps researchers learn about their development before experimenting on an animal. This service simply saves lives both of animals and of people.

Biological Product supplied by Biotech Farm also involve the supply of Standards for quality control such as EP Plasma, Primary Cell Lines, Immortal Cell Lines, Tissue for Stems Cells collection and so on. Our standards are validated by a dedicated laboratory that ISO 9001 certified.